"he’s 24 months old" bitch your son is two

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*says i dont care* *actually does tho*

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i dont understand how people can just get tattoos without even giving it a second thought i cant even find the commitment to stick a sticker somewhere

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I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.
― Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (via starfetti)

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Anonymous: I really want to become a better human being I just don’t know where to start. I wish I was a little nicer, I can be so ungrateful, a spoilt brat and i complain about little things when I know in life I am far from a place where I have the right to complain. i wish i treated my body better, ate healthier food, I wish i made an effort to exercise more and i wish i didn’t spend so much time on social media sights. Have you any suggestions or advice for me, where do i start? xox


I’m not so sure I’m the person to ask. Honestly, it’s so hard because I can radiate all this energy and express my thoughts and how I feel about the world, and life and other people but at the end of the day, it’s hard to live it. I’ve been trying so hard to be the best me, but I come up short a lot. I’m moody, and creative, and passionate, and restless. I’m eighteen years old and I’m going through all these experiences that are making me into who I am, and I think you just have to try your best. You just have to try and give everyone 100% of you, be honest with yourself and others, work hard, focus on whats important, appreciate, let go of the things that hurt you and make you into a person you don’t want to be. You have to wake up everyday and make a choice to be positive, to do things out of love, to take care of yourself and to also trust yourself. And also don’t try to be perfect and don’t pretend you are. I think part of being a better person is not being afraid to show your imperfections and your slip ups. Learn to forgive yourself and keep moving forward when you do. I wish I could sit here and say I’ve got it all figured out and I’m this amazing peson and give you all the answers. But I’d be lying. Sometimes I pick up the phone, and I’m a bitch and I say things just to hurt people, sometimes I act like I don’t care when I care a lot, some days I don’t wanna get out of bed. But I keep learning from my mistakes, I keep trying, and I keep pulling myself out of bed on the bad days. xxx

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Keaton Henson reading his poem ‘Grow Up With Me’ for Last.fm

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